Small Moments

I realized the other day that I literally have not blogged in a year and a half. It is not because nothing is happening here in Haiti, I just get busy and forget. But I do not want to forget what God is doing, so I am starting fresh to blog again.

. Sometimes it is in the small moments that you see God working so perfectly. I had one of those moments tonight. We went upstairs to the chapel for a time of worship and devotions. After about one song Ti Carlos runs into the chapel and sits down, just like he thought he was supposed to be there. He messed around for a bit and than sat down and periodically would just start clapping or singing. After one song was done he even said Amen!

He was going to get disruptive during the devotional, so I took the little stowaway downstairs. But just had to stop and reflect for a moment. How beautiful, that he came and sang, in his own way and worshipped our Savior. The preciousness of his simple unhindered worship is just beautiful!


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