Thoughts from 2013

Christmas is over and I am headed back to Haiti, as I sit in the airport waitin for my flight I am lost in my thoughts. This last year went by so fast, as the Miriam Center we finished some needed projects and as always we were busy. So, so busy. But in the rush to get things done at the Miriam Center this year there has been a question that has been constantly on my mind this year. I have not been asking myself this question just to ask it, but because I need an answer. It probably makes me a bad missionary for even seriously and repeatedly asking this question, but this this last year I have just needed to know, is Christ enough? When a child passes into eternity, when people around you are hurting and hungry, when you see injustice, when you see situations that just seem hopeless. Is Christ enough?

I ask this question when I see things that I do not understand. But God has been so good and gentle with me this year. He lets me ask if He is enough in every situation and show me that HE IS! 

It is probably a lesson I should have learned sooner, but this year has just been emotionally a tough one. Yet in each situation, God has been showing me that He is enough. It is not things that will improve bad situations it is only Christ and His presence. His presence is all we need when we have days that we don’t want to get out of bed, because we know it is going to be a rough day. How could we deal with the death of a precious one without His constant loving presence? 

I just feel like there is new resolve this year to ask this question even more. Because in asking, Is Christ enough?, He shows me that He is. I am looking forward to 2014, I know it will not be an easy year, but He is showing me I don’t need easy, all I need is Him!


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