Merry Christmas from Stephanie in Haiti

Merry Christmas everyone,

It has been amazing to watch what God is doing through the children and what He has been teaching me.  The classroom and school have been a highlight this year.  I thought that the kids would get bored with school, like they do in the states, but they are still so excited every day to go.  They even ask to go on weekends!  They are loved by the teaching staff and they hear from God’s Word, sing worship songs, and of course get a good education.

Classroom uniforms!

Classroom uniforms!

In the afternoons, the classroom is open to kids in the community who are not allowed in Haitian public schools because of their disabilities.  This is probably my favorite group! School gives them the opportunity to have friends, express themselves and learn.  Most importantly, we get to share Christ’s11-26-2012 086 love with them, as they do not see love very often.

My role has changed.  Besides teaching, I am now the co-director of the Miriam Center.  God has stretched me in so many ways.  But in the stretching, He has showed me his grace and love.  I am amazed each day as I learn how much God loves me and these precious children.  So, from me and 47 special little ones, Merry Christmas!

Thankful for you all,


***A Note from Kimmy’s House staff: Stephanie raises her own support to serve in Haiti. She lives very simply and frugally in Haiti and needs just $1000 a month for room, board and travel expenses. She has been known to glean money from her personal savings account back home to pay for school fees for “her kids” in Haiti, and buy them things they needs, or escort kids for medial procedures. We take her boxes of supplies when we take teams to Haiti. We always include her favorite snacks that she can’t purchase in Haiti. Oreo’s, pop-tarts, and all the other goodies we stash in our bags “just for her” we find in mysterious places… in the rooms of the other missionaries or traces left on the mouths of her students or the Haitian staff. She is not one to keep anything for herself, she is generous, selfless and sacrificial in every thing she does.

She is very much living out what God has called her to do, and joy, peace, patience and love flow out of her!

Would you please consider being a part of her monthly recurring support or giving a one time gift towards her support? We would love to have more funds available to her as she blesses those she serves.

You can make a note in the “special instructions field” to designate the funds to Stephanie.

Anastasia before and after her cleft palate surgery.  Stephanie escorted her through the surgery and recovery.

Anastasia before and after her cleft palate surgery. Stephanie escorted her through the surgery and recovery.


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