Easter Excitement with the Boys

Sunday was Easter, and I just wanted to have some fun with the kids, but more importantly make sure they knew what the day was actually about. The missionaries here and myself started out the day at five in the morning at the sunrise service, except the service did not start at five. So we all sat at the church and watched as people slowly appeared. At almost six the service started. So, we got up early just for the adventure of it all.

But some of the mom’s brought the kids to the last part of the sunrise service. They just dropped the kids off with us. So I got to finish the service with my precious little ones. That was the start of them realizing that this was not the average Sunday.

Then me and Heather got all the boys ready for “regular” church and then some girls who wanted to go and we headed off. Well, when the service was almost over, it started raining hard and we were sitting in the back.  First, Joshua got really wet. It made him pretty upset because it was that cold kind of rain so I took him home and by the time we got home we were drenched. So I just kept bringing the kids home and Heather joined and it was fun once we realized we could not get any more wet; so it was just time to embrace the moment. We got the kids home and all dry.

After the lunch and a nap the fun began, I had hard-boiled some eggs, so we had an egg dying party but the party did not start until the Easter story was told. We have a picture Bible here and I love telling stories out of that Bible. Funny thing was there was one kid being bad and it was Minushe, and if you knew Minushe you would not suspect her, but it was slightly hilarious. Then the kids just had so much fun dying the eggs. They made two they ate one and gave one to a mom or a kid who did not make it to the party. They are such good little sharers.

Party part two started after dinner, we watched a veggie tales Easter story and had popcorn. So much partying for one day. These kids are spoiled. But they really seem to understand that God loves them more than I could ever tell them, what a blessed day.


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