Mackenly at Church

Every Sunday at the Miriam Center, we have Miriam Center Church. This is kind of a big deal, because each Sunday after breakfast we get all of the kids together in one room, which is not an easy way task. The moms on shift lead the kids in church, they sing and then they pray and then they sing and pray and sing and pray some more. Then there is a time for special music. The highlight of church for me lately has been the special music time. Mackenly has been going to the front to sing a special, but he needs the hymn book and then he searches for the right page and then begins to sing. Every Sunday, he sings How Great Thou Art, in Creole, at the top of his lungs. It is the most precious thing you have every seen. The funny thing is, if you watch him in church, he looks like he is just messing around or is playing the drum. But, then he sings and you can see that church is making a difference in him. I can’t help but sitimage and watch all the kids during church and wonder which other kids look like they are not paying attention, but are still worshipping. Getting church set up and all the kids there is a lot of work, but so worth it for moments like this!


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