Disappointed, but not discouraged

I have had some time to think about a situation, that when it happened I just got so discouraged and disappointed and mad. But having some time to think and pray about the situation, God has really put everything into perspective for me.
I know that living in Haiti, the culture looks down on people with disabilities. The culture says that people with disabilities are cursed and worthless. I am aware of this fact, but I rarely see it.
But about 2 weeks ago, one of the teenagers who lives at the Miriam Center got sick. She needed more medical tests than the mission could provide. So members of our staff lovingly took her to different medical facilities around Haiti to get medical tests and treatment. The problem was this precious teenager was rejected medical care because she has a disability. It had nothing to do with anything except for they looked at her and rejected her medical care. They found someone who would see her and took care of one of her medical problems and brought her back home. God was watching over His child and healed her and she is doing better now.
I just had never seen someone treated so badly in Haiti, just because of a disability. It has made me think, knowing what the culture thinks about special needs, why after 2 years in Haiti has this been my first real run in with the culture like this. Sure there have been instances where the kids have been made fun of or called names, but the rejection of medical care. That takes things to the next level.
I have learned, or realized something through this situation that has encouraged me greatly. I have seen that God is alive and at work in Haiti. Only God could change the hearts of people to make them truly see people with disabilities. The people that I work with and see everyday, they are not touched by this side of the culture. God is at work. He has brought such a loving staff to the Miriam Center, the staff does not just come to work to get a paycheck, they are family to those kids. They are there loving them and cheering them on, they don’t just want them to live, they want them to have a life, a good life. The love that I have seen this staff show to the children shows me that God is at work and changing a culture. The way I have seen the staff sacrifice for these kids teaches me a deeper way to love. They come to work knowing what people are saying about them for working with the kids who they work with. Yet they come in and love, and they love deeply and sacrifice deeply. I am blessed to work beside and love these kids and this staff, who truly know the meaning of love. So even though things will happen that are disappointing, there are so many more situations I see daily that are more than encouraging.


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